Vintage Gladiolus Vase Arrangement!

Today on At Home with Flowers, we’re going Behind the Bloom to feature a bouquet that is seen on “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom”- Episode 407 – Glad Tidings (Here’s a link to that episode: I create this arrangement in an Aqua Vintage Glad Vase (I have a pair of these vases…and I love them). These wonderful vases were created in Mid-Century Style…just for Gladiolus and thus, they provide the ability to make anyone a Glad Arranger…(get it???) I am using all the different colored Gladiolus Varieties I received from Glad-A-Way Gardens, my wonderful friends that supplied all the Glads we featured in our show all about Glads! I share one of my favorite Glad tricks…tipping the Glads…that get all the flowers to open! It’s a great vase and a wonderful way to bring the color of Gladiolus into our homes! Enjoy!