Hand Tied Bouquet with Water Source!

Today on At Home with Flowers, we’re going Behind the Bloom to create a Hand Tied Bouquet that will be used in the introduction to a Season 5 Episode, Bouquet in Bloom. You only see the bouquet for a brief moment, but it’s a pretty bouquet…and that’s the beauty of Television…you want all the flowers to be pretty! In addition, I always make the bouquets too…So that’s why we film these behind the blooms. It gives me a chance to tell a few stories and also show you some tips on creating a beautiful hand tied bouquet. I also show you how to apply a water resource so we can ensure it remains pretty until it gets into a vase! In this tutorial, I introduce you to the 45˚ angle and on top (to create a perfect spiral)  Scoop® Scabiosa from Danziger, Bind Wire from Oasis Floral Products, Arrive Alive- from Chrysal and a beautiful bunch of flowers. It’s a bouquet I call ‘the weekender”…which we finish up with some Fabulous Foliage- from Ferntrust- Variegated Fatsia! Enjoy!