Dress up your Vase with Ribbon and More!

Today on At Home with Flowers, let’s dress up our vases with beautiful ribbon from Reliant Ribbon and flowers…of course! I create 3 different vase treatments…

  1. The first features Pussy Willows with Purple Dupioni Silk Ribbon…and I add Lepto Flower and Carnations! 
  2. The second is a simple ‘braiding’ technique (that isn’t actually braiding)…and I use Red Spray Roses, Pin Cushion Protea and Gerando Gerberas to complete the vase! 
  3. The third vase uses 2 different widths of ribbon to accent the cylinder…and I add 2 different kinds of protea and 2 different colors of Gerando Gerberas!

It’s 3 fun projects you can translate to any time of year…and 3 wonderful ways to dress up your vase, so you can enjoy Flowers at Home!