Analogous Arrangement!

Let’s continue our color lessons by creating an Analogous Arrangement! Analogous colors are colors that are next to one another on the color wheel. I think of them as neighboring colors and how friendly neighbors often talk over the fence. It’s the same with analogous colors…they create a “friendly” atmosphere and are welcoming and inviting.

This arrangement is created with hot pink and orange flowers (neighbor colors on the color wheel)…using Orange Parasol spray roses from Eufloria Flowers, hot pink and orange Gerbera Daisies from Ocean Breeze International, Two Tone Pin Cushion Protea from Resendiz Brothers, orange lilies with pink edges from Holland America Flowers and hot pink carnations from Ayura Pride Eclipse. Let me show you how to create this friendly bouquet and add some beautiful Reliant Ribbon to the finished bouquet! Enjoy!