Photo of Flower Bouquet with Alstroemeria and Lissianthus

Cheap Brides

Written by Rebecca Jordan

As a Bride myself I know being a Bride doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands. I have found Brides tend to have a small budget for flowers. I figure your flowers should cost more than the dress. If you spend $12.99 on your dress like I did at least spend $20 on your flowers. If you spend $799 on your dress, plan on paying $820 for your flowers. The bigger the wedding the more the flowers.

It also helps to be open for suggestions if you put a huge restraint on your florist. If you want roses but the arrangements with roses are out of your price range allow the florist to suggest something else. Less expensive flowers such as Alstroemeria and Carnations doesn’t mean you are “cheapening” your wedding. Flowers are always beautiful and even Mums will make even the most elegant wedding still look elegant.

Here is a wedding I just did where her budget was very small but she was open and ended up with great flowers. This is light purple Stock, White Alstromeria, White and light Purple Lissianthus.

Photo of Flower Bouquet with Alstroemeria and Lissianthus