Erik's uBloom Profile promoting his Business Flowers Washougal!

CONNECT with your uBloom Profile!

Erik's uBloom Profile promoting his Business Flowers Washougal!

One of the NEWEST Features of uBloom 2.0 Is your Own Business or Individual Profile. It’s VERY Different from your Profile on the Old uBloom! Your NEW uBloom Profile is your Way to Connect with other uBloom members! Your uBloom Profile is ALL About YOU!

It has a Place for your PICTURE… (Just Like Facebook)… You an post your Picture! This let’s Visitors SEE You… and there’s a place for another picture… for your Favorite Flower… or a Cool Flower Arrangement you made… or Flowers You’ve Seen Somewhere… your Garden.. whatever! HELPFUL HINT… Pictures NEED to be 2mg or smaller!

There’s also a Place for your EMAIL address and other information about YOU… Including a QUOTE.. this can be from YOU or Someone else… I Love reading the Quotes uBloom Club Members are putting up!

IF You’re a Club uBloom BUSINESS member… Your Profile is EVEN More Important… It’s your Opportunity to CONNECT with CUSTOMERS…. or people that want to Buy Flowers from YOU!  Again… You can Post a Photo… of YOU… Your Store… your Flower Designs… and there’s a PLACE for your LOGO too! Another HINT… Smaller Logos appear BIGGER on your Profile… because the are Automagically Scaled to fit the space!

There’s also a place to LIST your Website… and Email Information so Customers can Contact you …and buy from YOU! That’s our uBloom Connection Feature… and it’s coming very SOON… but if your Profile is Incomplete… It won’t CONNECT!

Our Featured uBloomer Necoh's Awesome Profile!

I’ve posted a couple of Great Profiles… from fellow uBloomers Erik Witcraft… AWESOME Profile Dude! It tells about Erik and his Business Flowers Washougal! Erik is a Member of AIFD and I can contact him… and even learn more about his Business from his uBloom Profile…. it’s another PLACE that is Promoting and Marketing your Business 24-7 to the 1000s of Visitors that are coming to uBloom!

All Profiles WITH PICTURES Rotate throughout the uBloom Site… Offering a DIRECT Link to that Members Profile… without a PICTURE… your profile doesn’t show! Also All PROFILE are listed on the MEMBER Tab Page… this Page is Visible to EVERYONE that visits uBloom Member or NOT… and if your profile is empty… it just shows up blank in the member searchs!

Featured uBloomer Necoh… (Great Profile!) …Besides Promoting her Business: Royal Design Flowers, her profile allows me to see her Flower Philosophy and also learn more about her… All this is available with your Club uBloom Membership! So if you’ve NOT Signed up… This is a Great Opportunity to do so… (Business Membership are less than .97 cents a week… that’s about a 1/4 of the price of a latte’) and if you’re already signed up… Make SURE you have YOUR Entire Profile filled out!

There’s MORE COOL Features with your PROFILE… We’ll be telling you about SOON!!!

uBloom Flower Connections is coming SOON… and this Dynamic Resource will help uBloom Connect Flower Buyers with Flower Sellers… and Lead Customers to you Door! Our mission to help Everyone enjoy the Benefits of FLOWERS… and that starts with Making Connections! Flower Connections at!