The JTV Crew making Flower Magic for YOU!

FEBRUARY 2012 uBloom Newsletter: uBloom Recommends…

The JTV Crew making Flower Magic for YOU!

FUN with Flowers and J!

Create a Heart of Daisies…with J!

A mini Heart created from Esprit Pompons! It's EASY to Make!

Flowers can say “LOVE” in so many ways… and when the Daisies are in a shape of heart… it’s the Perfect way to share your Feelings! Follow the easy steps with J!

Vitality Roses... The SHORT CUT From J!

The “Short Cut” to Longer Lasting Roses for Valentine’s Day (or ANY day!)

J shares the secret to Longer Lasting Roses… “The SHORT CUT”! Cutting Roses Short and ‘basing’ them into a container creates a FUN Alternative to Long Stemmed Roses… and the roses LAST Longer! J shows you step by step how to create this unique (and EASY) stylish look!

The Flower Stand

You Get what You Pay for…Quality and Service!

Two Pretty Incredible Videos… will make you Thankful for your Local Wholesale Flower Seller!


See what uBloom’s Care and Handling Expert has to Say about “changing your Flower Care habits…

Dilemma: How to defrost a (floral) Neanderthal mentality by Gay Smith