J on the FUN with FLOWERS and J Set

The FUN with Flowers and J Set…

J on the FUN with FLOWERS and J Set

Can you believe it’s been 26 weeks already? With Two Seasons of FUN with Flowers and J behind us… We Premiere Season 3 on April 16 2012.

Season Three is packed with great stuff…  I make a trip to the local hardware store to create a FUN Topiary with CA GROWN Eufloria Roses… We discuss Color Theory and Create a Complimentary Flower Arrangement… I share great Tips for Mother’s Day Flowers… We’ll Create a Fairy Garden… (and you’ll have to tune in to see if the Fairies show up to dance in it!)… We experience “Smell-a-vision” with Fragrant Flowers… (kidding!!) We talk about the BIOLOGY of Flowers… (complete with Anthers and Stamens)…  James Lutke drops by to show me How to Make a Willow Bird… and a whole lot more…

I wanted to share some secrets and Answer the Most Popular questions we get regarding the Fun with Flowers and J Set…

The Fun with Flowers and J Set at the JTV Studios!

1. Is that J’s HOME or A SET?  It’s a Set… alot of people ask if it’s my home… I WISH it was… but it’s a full fledged Studio Set…and it was built custom for FWFJ!

Chris and Keith Film on J's Design Table

2. Where’d J Get that TABLE? The Table is an old Welding Table…  so it’s authentic… metal and HEAVY! Deano our Set Designer built the legs for it… so it’s the right height… I love that part… I’m taller than most people suspect… (6 Foot)…. so a taller table is key to comfortable design.

3. What’s J Standing ON ALL DAY, is looks like a concrete floor? The Secret is : ULTI-MAT… I stand on the one and only Ulti-Mat… I got it from the Ultimate Mat company and they make them for Florists, Restaurants, and industrial facilities… it’s like standing on Butter… Love my Ulti-Mat!

The Edelweiss Picture that hangs under the cupboard!

4. IS That a PAINT BY NUMBERS PAINTING on the Wall? It’s a genuine PAINT BY NUMBERS… it hangs in the uBloom office… but comes to the set for shooting… I found it at an antique store… and it inspired the set color! I like creating little Tributes on the set as well… I found an Edelweiss Painting on Glass in Austin TX… It hangs on the set as a Reminder of my Grandma Lily…  Her favorite Flower… and we share a Birthday!

J with Table and Flower Stand in the Background!

5. LOVE the Flower Stand… Where did  J get the FLOWER STAND? The Flower Stand was our vision of incorporating FRESH FLOWERS into the work space… and it was custom built by Deano to hold Procona buckets (the Industry Standard)… each level is elevated… and we can mix and match Full and 1/2 size Proconas.

Deano in Stocking Cap... and Ulti-mat on the Floor!

6. Doesn’t it Get HOT under those Lights? How do you keep the Flowers looking so  FRESH? It is hot on a typical Studio sound stage with all the lights… but because of the Flowers… we crank it down REAL COLD… and I mean COLD… 60 degrees or less… The Crew wears winter gear Summer or Winter! It adds another benefit… J sweats easily… and so the cool climate keeps the Flowers and J cool and fresh!!! hehehe!

Monitor Shot showing the G3 Glass in the Cupboards!

7. WHAT’s In the CUPBOARDS? That’s My Favorite Glassware… there are a few Fruit Jars and One Antique but the rest is Garcia Group Glass… Specifically the G3 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass made by Pete Garcia! It’s my favorite glass because of the unique EASY To Design/Hold Flowers Style! You’ll always see the RIO Cache’ Vase… my Favorite…

J on the FUN with Flowers and J Set...

8. J Keeps PLANTS and FLOWERS On the WINDOW SILL? Yep…  I love to be surrounded by Plants and Flowers… and whether it’s at home or in the studio… You’ll always see Flowers or Plants on the Set… Westerlay Orchids Blooming on the sill… A Schubert Topiary, Fern Plant or Succulent Garden… Fresh CA GROWN Flowers… you never know what will turn up there… but it will always be FRESH… and Changes for every show!

9. WHERE are J’s  DOGS? I get asked alot about my Dogs… Lucy and Ellie… A Black and a Black & Tan Cocker Spaniel… presently they’ve yet to appear on FWFJ… since the studio has a STRICT…ONLY DOGS in CRATES Rule… for obvious reasons… so the Girls are Pampered at Home with their Pet Sitter… getting tummy rubs and plenty of walks during our long filming days!

10. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE To SHOOT a FWFJ Show? Great Question… we shoot A 30 Show (10 day) Production Annually and support that with a couple of other small specialty productions to give HOLIDAY or LOCATION Flavor… A Typical day starts at 7am… We shoot 5 Shows….Fresh Cut Videos about the products (usually about 10 per day) and then Still Photography for Sponsors, Products and Blogs… we wrap that up about 7pm…. remove makeup, wardrobe, a quick dinner and hot bath… then bed time… We shoot 4 days in a row… break for one and shoot another 6…  you develop a system… and run with it… Our Crew is the BEST… it moves fast… and we keep costs down….

Keith getting the SHOT on the Set!

It’s a Whole lotta FUN…. add a few Flowers… and of course “J”… and you get an original weekly web-based TV Show… FUN with Flowers and J!