"Tween" Colored Roses-

“Tween Color” roses- blur the lines of Color!

Amnesia roses are good example of tween color roses!

Tween Color Roses- Amnesia Roses- are a great example- Photo courtesy of Pennock Flowers!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

The colors of roses has changed… We used to search for bright colors, or the Perfect Red Rose… but Flower Trends have blurred the lines of color…

It all started with an amazing rose called “Amnesia” pictured here from Esprit Miami….

These unique muted colors coined an interesting phrase… “Tween Color” – from my friend Lee Eiseman… meaning a color that falls between two colors… When you first look at Amnesia… you see brown or tan… a unique muted taupe color… but it’s that uniqueness that unveils the magic of a “tween” colored rose

Truly… a “Tween” Color…  falls between other colors…have subtle properties of those colors… and sometimes it’s not just two… it can be more than two…

Amnesia Roses- actually take on the colors of the flowers surrounding them…meaning that if you put them next to Green Flowers… they will take on a green hue…
or Place them next to Purple or Lavender and that intensifies that color value…

You get the idea…  It’s easier if I show you… I took the Roses on Take 5 and Company (a lifestyle show on ABC in Grand Rapids ) with my Friend Stephanie Webb (now on Channel 10 in Tampa!!)

Here’s some examples…..watch the video here!

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What would you put with Amnesia roses???? Pink, Purple- Green, Red?

You see the possibilities are endless… and they keep creating awesome color roses… that blur the lines even further…

Menta Roses- A NEW Tween colored rose!

Menta Roses- A NEW Tween colored rose!

Menta is one of my new favorites..

Yet another great example of a "tween"colored rose!

Yet another great example of a “tween”colored rose!

and Hypnose is incredible…  Tween color roses offer such diversity and creativity… using these roses with different colors allows us to create unique and diverse color palettes for any occasion!

P.S. Flowers are amazing… aren’t we lucky?!