FARE Teal Pumpkins-

Teal Pumpkins Tonight!

FARE Teal Pumpkins-

Mark your house with a Teal Pumpkin… meaning you’ll offer NON-Candy Treats for kids with Food Allergies

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

I was on “My West Michigan” with my Flower Pal Jennifer Pasqua… showing how to decorate a pumpkin with Fresh Flowers for Halloween…  Click on the Picture above to see the VIDEO!

and we also talked about how you can participate in the FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) Teal Pumpkin Project… Here’s more information from FARE

It’s a fun idea… Many kids are severely allergic to some ingredients in candy… so FARE has created a project where you can mark your HOUSE… with a TEAL Pumpkin on the Porch… indicating that you are giving out NON- Candy alternative for Tricks or Treats…

We’re giving out Comic Books… (in addition to candy for others)… but I love this idea… as many children have life threatening allergies and Halloween can be “DANGEROUS” for them… so this way… the parents know that your house has SAFE Alternative for them…
Other ideas are small toys, glow sticks, trading cards.. you get the idea…

It’s easy to use a bit of Design Master Turquoise Paint and change up one of your pumpkins to mark your house as participating… I used the Design Master Primer first… and masked off the stem with Frogger tape… and then it took one coat of the Turquoise… it looks FABULOUS!

It’s an opportunity to help Halloween be safe for everyone… I love the idea and I’m proud to have a TEAL pumpkin on the porch tonight!

PS. Look for the TEAL Pumpkins… and Keep Halloween SAFE for Everyone!