Gerbera Flower Production

Gerbera Daisy Flower Farming!

Gerbera Daisy- Flower Farming! Oh My- there is nothing quite as impressive as a greenhouse filled to the brim with Blooming Gerbera Daisy Plants… it’s one of the flowers that we harvest when it is completely open. It’s different than other flowers that way. Lilies, Tulips, Iris, Roses…even Carnations are harvested in tight bud and allowed to open up – post harvest. This allows the flowers to be shipped- in bud- and then the opening process starts after arrival to it’s “final” destination…

Gerbera Daisy Growing

There’s nothing quite as peaceful as a Greenhouse blooming with Gerbera Daisy!

But not with Gerbera Daisy- they must open to full potential on the plant- and then they are packed in dynamic cardboard frames- that allow the blooms to travel without damage- to their destination… Gerbera Daisy will not open more after being cut- and they have a long vase life- as long as we keep them in clear water- and prevent bacteria growth.

Bonus Content- Visit a couple of Gerbera Farms with J- during his CA Grown Experience Documentary, you’ll enjoy going right inside the Gerbera Greenhouses with J- and seeing other flowers growing too!

Visit B&H Flower Farms- with J!

Hans Brand- Gerbera Grower

Hans Brand- and his Gerbera Crop

Visit Green Valley Flower Farm – with J!

Rows of Gerberas

This harvest of Gerbera Daisy is ready for processing in California!

The colors are magical and numerous- all sorts of tints, tones and shades – including Red, Pink, Peach, Gold, Yellow, Burgundy, Magenta, Fuchsia, and even Brown- along with different sizes- Large and Ger-Minis- which are tiny complex blooms about the size of plum… there are shaggy Gerbera- called Ger-Spiders- that … well… look like a spider sort of… with tendril type petals… and Round Gerbera- that are called Ger-Rondos… there is even one called Phyllis Diller- that is all green and has a mop of leaf like petals – similar to the Famous Comedienne’s trademark Hairdo!

Gerbera Daisies are the Featured Flower in our First Episode of “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom”… and a crowd favorite. I use these flowers frequently in projects on uBloom… here’s a favorite with an Ikebana Twist- and some fun Paint Crafting- Check it out on my Youtube Channel (and subscribe)!

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera come in wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors!