Special Effects – ColorFresh® & Feathers

Sometimes we need a few Special Effects to add to our arrangements…and these two products are great for adding a little drama and elegance to your next creation!

ColorFresh® Gold Metallic Aspidistra from FernTrust is amazing color enhanced foliage…and is a perfect example for the Legendary Trend. But fear not…almost any type of foliage can be enhanced with just about any color thanks to the folks at FernTrust! Learn more at www.FernTrust.com or contact Jana@Ferntrust.com

Zucker Feathers bring us these Classic Ostrich features…both in a trimmed form and natural, with Big Full Lofty Plumes! Ostrich feathers are harvested without harm to the animals and then color enhanced to match just about any palette! Learn more at www.ZuckerFeather.com or contact Jeannie at jbaker@zuckerfeather.com