Behind the Bloom – Eufloria’s Farmers Market

Let’s go behind the Bloom…with my friends from Eufloria Flowers and learn more about their Farmer’s Market Rose Bunches. 

The popularity of Farmers Markets is continuing to grow and we are loving the opportunity to include more flowers in our lives…and why wouldn’t we want some of the prettiest Roses on the planet in our homes? This week, we go behind the scenes with my friend Chad Nelson (GM of Eufloria Flowers) as he shows us how the roses are graded and packaged for the markets.

Lily Garcia and Owners Andy and Sharon Koch share their insight behind these gorgeous flowers…and the advantages that proximity to the market hold for the local patrons that can purchase roses only a few miles away from where they are grown.

Eufloria Flowers is the first farm in California I visited and I traveled to Amsterdam with Chad, Andy and Sharon to select new varieties. There are so many great memories with my friends at Eufloria and this Behind the Bloom gives you a little more insight behind the beautiful roses that Eufloria grows! 

You can see the segment we created for Life in Bloom in Episode 202 “From Farm to Plate to Vase”…Watch it here at this link: 

I hope you enjoy visiting with my friends that grow the Prettiest Roses on the Planet and enjoy this look Behind the Bloom…from Life in Bloom!