At Home with Flowers – Tools for Arranging Flowers

One of the most popular questions I get is about what tools to use for arranging flowers… and I answer that question today in this episode of At Home with Flowers!

My Go-To Tool is the ColorPoint Bypass Pruner by Dramm Lawn & Garden Tools. I love the ColorPoint Tools! They come in 6 vibrant colors…I love to match my flower arranging tools to my arrangement. It’s just a fun little habit I have and it adds to the joy of arranging flowers!

I also have become quite infatuated with the ColorPoint Compact Shears. It’s helpful for so many things other than flower arranging…This week, I found it super valuable when making pesto and trimming the basil leaves from the stem…It was ideal!

In this show, I also talk about knives and a NEW Dramm Bypass Pro™ Pruner. It’s a larger heavy duty pruner…I call it “a lopper” (that’s my term) that is specifically designed for larger woody stems and it’s ideal for heavier tree branches as well!

So sit back and relax as we talk about tools that will make your flower arranging easier and more enjoyable… 

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