Fruit & Flowers featuring “Happy Hour” J’s Bouquet

It’s time for “Happy Hour” with Fruit and Flowers and J’s Bouquets! This week’s project is created with the “Happy Hour” J’s Bouquet. My Grandpa was called “Carnation Joe Green” because he always wore a Red Carnation. He felt he was a florist 24 hours a day because he also slept with “his Lily” at night. My Grandpa could always be found sipping his favorite libation (a Perfect Manhattan) at Happy Hour. Thanks to flowers, I like to think we can enjoy Happy Hour anytime…and for goodness sake, don’t forget the Red Carnations!

I’m combining fruit and vegetables with flowers in this project…using artichokes, oranges and lemons along with the Happy Hour Bouquet for a wonderful Del Robia inspired bouquet!  

I hope you enjoy this Happy “Hour” with Fruit and Flowers!