Putri Wine Coffee and Flowers!

I adore coffee…not only the taste, but the entire ritual of making coffee as well. I love grinding it…I love smelling the rich aroma and of course creating it in my Chemex Coffee Maker. The entire process is relaxing and rejuvenating!

You can imagine how excited I was to be contacted by Cintha Putri and her amazing company, Putri Coffee. This Wine Coffee is one of the most luxurious coffees in the world! It’s created from fermented coffee beans…and the process behind it supports women in Sumatra as well as the wildlife on the island of Sumatra. You’ll learn more about this coffee in this video and then off course we need to arrange flowers! We’ll create a beautiful bouquet featuring a Grocer Bunch from my friends at Albertsons Companies (underwriters of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom on Public Television)…I hope you’re inspired by this luxurious wine coffee and these beautiful flowers! Enjoy!